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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
i'm seeing jimmy eat world at a festival in november.

i don't know shit about jimmy eat world

what should i listen to to prepare
They’ll play all the hits from bleed American so you probably want to reacquaint yourself with those. All of their albums have pretty distinct moods and styles and I consider them all to be like my children. But if you start one and are put off a few songs in it’s probably not going to get better for you.

Clarity and Futures are necessities. Chase This Light is produced by butch vig and is very bright sounding. Invented gets no respect and they never play anything from it but I love it, especially Littlething and the title track. Integrity Blues is what started me on this journey and was widely regarded as their best since futures. New record out next Friday. Check it all out!

They are fun live. Very into it and they seem genuinely appreciative unlike some other people.

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