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Originally Posted by FlamingGlobes View Post
Glad to hear it, especially re: Clarity. That's like a top five, desert island disc for me.

On the flip side, I happen to be listening to Chase This Light at the moment and my feelings remain unchanged. There's nothing wrong with the album, but it just doesn't "pop" like their other stuff does for me.

Gotta Be Somebody's Blues is a mawfucker though.
I decided to run chase this light through invented and thatís when it got me.

I love chase this light. Big casino makes me tear up now and Iím not really sure why?

But we donít have to pick favorites. These seven albums are like my children now. But I am so confused as to why invented just got to me like it did. Only other album I love that took me that long to get is exile in guyville. Thats good company.

Vocal melody on heart is hard to find just fucking KILLS me.

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