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The circulating version is a double DVD set (1 disc for the acoustic set, 1 for the electric) with this info:

VHS tape in very good condition, some video tracking farts in the first 30 seconds, then fine. Video tracking noise on bottom of screen was cropped.
Audio on the VHS was good, clear highs but quite distorted on the right side during the electric set. I dug up the circulated AUD source in which the info claims it's not likely to be from this video source. Actually, it most definitely is from the video (whenever the camera moves, the exact same knocking noises are present on both sources), but oddly I found it to be much faster and higher pitched and with a lot less high-end. As I slowed it down to match the more obvious proper speeds of the VHS, I still had to pitch it down, and then I noticed it had probably gone through considerable noise reduction as that was less obvious at the faster speed. All of this left me with two average and somewhat flawed versions of the same source.
So, I took both versions and created a decent 5.1 mix of the whole thing. It doesn't sound too bad at all for what it is. If you listen on a straight stereo system it'll sound ok but there may be, at times, slight phasing of the two identical sources. My tests of 2-track downmixes sounded nice, but it definitely will sound best on a 5.1 system.
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