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so, because I have a total bro-crush on Juaquin Phoenix and his devastatingly manly blue gaze that's both cold and swimming in emotional depth, I've decided to watch Walk The Line (2005), which is a biographical movie about Johnny Cash.

it kinda treads that middle path between interesting and boring, quality and mediocre, memorable and forgettable. Juaquin Phoenix doesn't have many movies under his belt, unfortunately, and this one is from 2005, which means the movies I'd last seen him in (Her, The Master, Inherent Vice) had him in much better and more rounded out acting form. it's evident he's still a bit rough around the edges here, and although he takes his role seriously, it's doesn't become as staggeringly real as with his other films.

a particular annoyance that vexed me all throughout the film was the fact that it was very clear Juaquin Phoenix can't play a guitar to save his life. he ain't picking, he ain't chordin', he ain't badassin'. he just swings the guitar around and acts like he's air-guitaring, only with a guitar prop. that's just not good enough for a biographical movie about a man who played music for a living. it was just extremely fake and unconvincing as a musical movie.

with all that said (u think u all that b\c u know how many ppl), there are some transient peaks here and there that shine through. Phoenix shows some of that incredible acting potential that'll blow up a few years down the line (see what i did there?), and the relationship with the female lead, and with cash's father (both of which we'll cover in a moment, gentlemen - bear with me), are moving, or at least engaging.

the supporting cast is rather offbeat, featuring Reese With Her Spoon as fellow performing artist June Carter, and the T-1000 as Johnny Cash's daddy. what odd choices. they sort of work I guess. Reese Witherspoon actually put on a solid performance, and had this angelic, comforting aura about her that i found admirable how she managed to achieve.

all in all, the movie's come, the movie's gone, and i still don't know jack about Johnny Cash except a few trivia details. in Tokyo waiting for my flight to Memphis - tehbolly out.

here's krusty speaking spanish:

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