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The Master (2012)

i didn't realize this was a Paul Thomas Anderson film until after the fact. i mainly wanted to watch it come i'm officially going through a juaquin phoenix phase. and before i'll even blab about this film, i have to talk about him. the guy is probably the most gifted actor of our generation. probably one of the best to ever to it imo. i know oscars are fucking bullshit but the fact that he didn't win the oscar for his performance here is just .

i'd seen him in some great roles (namely "Her", in which he was flawless) but he just totally blew me away with his performance here. he twitches his face in strange ways, looks completely different just by altering his normal expression and look in the eye, he developed this awkward body language, he's completely and utterly believable as a borderline retarded, good hearted but dangerously volatile traumatized war veteran. you don't even see a guy acting anymore, it's just the real deal. philip seymour hoffman also puts on a great performance (though not of the same caliber), and when the two share scenes it's just glorious and unforgettable. it's like watching two incredible ball players play together. i find myself moved by how immaculate these scenes were acted even two days after watching it.

in that sense, it's a must for any movie lover. but unfortunately, i think that the actual story, and the way it's being told, just doesn't rise up to the same level as the characters at its center. not to say it's bad, by any means. it's just a bit lukewarm, i guess. unremarkable. and that's a shame. it's still a great watch though. i wish juaquin phoenix would be in more movies that really showcase his dramatic acting.

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