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Originally Posted by Mooney View Post
i was enjoying this for the first two acts...a really great realistic, gritty war movie. the ending was so ridiculously hollywood i wanted to barf.
I was OK with the ending. It was told from the perspective of the newbie on the tank crew. And in that sense it hits on a lot of personal narratives I've read from WW2. Like panic during battle, the shocking horror of actual war vs what they were trained for, etc. etc. If they'd made the movie without the new kid it wouldn't have been much of a story, because there would have been nothing to contrast the brutality of the American soldiers. Plus, the kid's fate seemed obvious to me from the beginning, but that didn't bother me. It felt like it had to end that way.

In some ways the film reminded me of The Thin Red Line. Which also showed a very gritty, violent WW2 story but in the Pacific, which was arguably much more bloody than the European front.

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