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dean_r_koontz- Dandelion Yellow
Trotskilicious- Burnt Sienna
exactlythesame- Sky Blue
ilikeplanets- Sea Green
sppunk- Gold
Ol' Couch Ass- Orange Red
yo soy el mejor- Scarlet
Geek USA- Peach
redbreegull- Olive Green
redbull- Red Violet
slunken- Magenta
Mooney- Aquamarine
The Omega Concern- Copper
Catherine Wheel- Blue Green
pale blue eyes- Midnight Blue
obscured01- Orchid
Charmbag- Blue Gray
Banana- Salmon Pink
JokeyLoki- Green Blue
TuralyonW3- Gray
I'm Hardcore- Burnt Orange
D.- Cadet Blue
Nimrod's Son- Goldenrod
sickbadthing- Silver
Toast- Red Orange
mondliebe- Tan
duovamp- Yellow Orange
pale_princess- Plum
Luke De Spa- Lavender
Dead Frequency- Fuchsia
Future Boy- Green Yellow
Eulogy- Navy Blue
Caine Walker- Violet Blue
bahnzah- Brick Red
Kahlo- Maroon
Sonic Johnny- Denim Blue
Dogfighter28- Orange Yellow
hnibos- Blue Violet
Cool As Ice Cream- Yellow
Elvis The Fat Years- Orange
Esty- Yellow Green
scottytheoneand- Black
SlingeroGuitaro- Turquoise Blue
smashingjj- Green
soniclovenoize- Canary Yellow
Skradgee- Pine Green
barden- Violet Red
peabody- Spring Green
stripes- Indigo
mickeyshambles- Brown
Mo- Violet
Pasta of Muppet- Periwinkle
Sepiae- Sepia
PkPhuoko- Carnation Pink
RopeyLopey- Maize
FlyinLo_DyinSlo- Eggplant
Order 66- White
agenda suicide- Melon
Ihaguitar- Teal Blue
killtrocity- Forest Green
mxzombie- Blue

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