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Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
I get that, I saw The Birds and Psycho when I was about 7, but the worst was The Exorcist, around 9.
I tried to rewatch The Exorcist several times, but when I finally managed (in college) it scared me shitless all over again.
the only movie to genuinely scare me has been the exorcist. I didn't see horror films as a kid cause i was too much of a wuss and in my teens i had just no interest. Then at abut 20 i figured it might be time to catch up on a few classics in the genre. Exorcist got me genuinely scared for like a week after. Then i was hesitant to see it after but the truth is the idea of it was always a lot worse. I suppose i've seen it about a dozen times now. With the spiderwalk scene most of the times. Which is probably the least the first time because it's put in such an unexpected spot in the film....

I guess Ju-On scared me when i saw it in the theater too. I don't remember anything else really scaring me otherwise. I've never seen the ring but i saw Ringu.

It's weird how desensitized i've become considering that as a kid and teen i didn't think i was ever gonna be able to watch any horror. Seeing exorcist at 9? Fuck this. I would have been traumatized for life. My horror memories as a kid are just seeing maybe like 3 or 4 scenes of some horror films an they all stuck with me for years. Especially Poltergeist. Which one i saw as an adult i was like...really? this scared me?

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