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Originally Posted by NovaFritz View Post
Lets just say... someone reimagined it.

from an spfreaks interview "Matt Walker, Man of 1000faces"

Thanks for sharing this update on a much-rumored-about future Billy Corgan release. We also noticed you have been involved with the reissue series of the Smashing Pumpkins albums from the 1991 – 2000 era. On January 14th, 2014, you tweeted, “Working on Adore reissue – songs I don’t even remember tracking – dark and beautiful”. In what way were you involved with the Adore reissue, and what can you share about that process?

I remixed a handful of songs. But not remixing like turning them into extended electronic versions – more a reimagined arrangement of the song. For instance, I would look for elements that were either not used or buried in the album version and build a new picture from them. From there some of the basic arrangements changed as well. I also got to finish a version of Gary Numan’s ”Every Day I Die” which I had actually tracked drums on. There wasn’t too much there so I got to add most of the synths. Being a massive Numan fan, that track was a blast to work on.
I had always hoped that it meant that songs involving Matt in the studio were reconstructed from the tracks that were recorded. In other words, it was a song that was recorded but scrapped, then later someone (matt) put it back together from those sessions.


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