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Originally Posted by The exploding boy View Post
Well yeah. some just kept with it.

I'm not against poetry as an art, i'm just against what most people write as poetry. Also, when put to music, the stupidest of words can sound pretty good. So i'm a lot more lenient on poetry in a song format.

But all slam poets should be lined up and shot.
Before Pop music was invented, Poets were the Rockstars. They partied and lived off of their art and did drugs and were admired by everyone. Pop stars as a whole( Im Including Rock, Pop, and hip hop here) are just the newest incarnanation of that.

I really stand by Lou Reed's musical philosophy. He wrote the lyrics entirely seperate from the music so that they stood up on their own. And Guitar wise he put it perfectly when he said: "One chord is enough, 2 chords is pushing it, 3 chords and you're into Jazz"

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