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Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
I wish. But for some reason, people who aren't into music think all Rock is pretty much Metal. Or like Led Zepplin.

I'm a tall and skinny crying poet with relatively short hair who worships Robert Smith.
But when I tell people Im a guitar player/vocalist in a rock band, they just ask "Oh, do you scream a lot?" Or "Oh, can you play super fast?"

Fuck Metal, and it's complete ruining of Rock.
turns out we must have a lot in common as I also once worshipped Robert Smith (though I would still claim the cure as my favorite band I don't really worship anyone anymore, you get over tht in time) and also found out around 16 that poetry wouldn't get you laid. Actually I kinda hate straight up poetry now. What a crock of shit. If I saw my 16 years old self i'd kick him in the balls for being such a fag you know. and keep in mind most people NOW would like to kick me in my (probably in their mind completely inexistent) balls for being such a fag. So that's saying a lot.

Also most of my life when I told people I play music they always assumed I did metal. I have no fucking idea why. Maybe because I look dour and keep my hair at medium length? I like the faggiest music ever.

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