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Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
Idk. As soon as you start making music about being "technically" good it gets super boring.

If you want to do something technical go do math or something where there's a "right way" for everything.

Yep. But the thing is you have right brained and left brained people. The left brained do Jazz or end up in Rush, the right brained are more likely to be doing straight up rock, pop or punk or whatever is somewhere in between.

And yeah I know this right brain left brain shit has been debunked as a myth recently apparently but it's the only way I can express what I mean so shut up.

I mean there is not right or wrong way to make music, but personally I feel jazz and prog and genres like that get all bogged down in technique and how many fucking time signatures can we use and how many key changes. I feel no emotional connection to this kind of stuff. It does nothing for me on an emotional level. It's mathematics.

Some musicians with a knowledge of theory (I've made music for nearly two decades with no knowledge of any, well I mean I guess I know things I just don't know what to call them) tell me I "don't get it". I've been told if I knew theory i'd enjoy jazz more.... Hmm well I believe music and art as a whole is meant to be shared. And if you feel certain types of music require a certain kind of knowledge to be enjoyed, then that means your art is elitist. And it defeats the purpose of art in my view. Call me a populist.

that being said plenty of people ive known like jazz and play no music so...I just think those guys are full of shit and are trying to justify all the money spent on music school. A lot of people who ever pick up an instrument have an ego and feel this is a competition where the ones who fit the most technique into a song win.......

All I know is I have no ounce of blues or jazz in me and I never sought to have it.

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