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Been playing a bit more Phantom Pain, and I'm starting to wonder why I liked it so much.

It's one of those games were there's no reason for the open world other than extending the time it takes you to get between objective markers. It's literally kilometers and kilometers of empty desert space, and then some outpost with soviet soldiers.

The gameplay isn't very varied. You kinda need more than one pillar to keep the gameplay exciting. All there is to do in this game is sneak into enemy bases. And there's really no way to get perfect stealth other than trial-and-error and playing the same level until you just memorize how the NPCs react on that particular level. That's not as interesting as allowing the player to actually strategize.

Having to collect all that currency just ends up feeling like busywork and grinding.

I should probably try the earlier Metal Gear games that were more linear, but the only one available on my system seems to be that hack-'n'-slash one that isn't even a stealth game.

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