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Originally Posted by neopryn

For Martha won. Damn you all to hell!
Behold! The Night Mare - 27
For Martha - 22

Round 01: 17
Round 02: Annie-Dog
Round 03: Shame
Round 04: Appels + Oranjes
Round 05: Once Upon A Time
Round 06: Daphne Descends
Round 07: Tear
Round 08: Perfect
Round 09: The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete
Round 10: Ava Adore
Round 11: Pug
Round 12: Crestfallen
Round 13: To Sheila
Round 14: Blank Page
Round 15: Behold! The Night Mare
WINNER: For Martha

I really do hate you people. Anway, on to Machina. If anyone has any suggestions on how to set up the Machina 2 game, leave them here. I think it might be tricky with the EPs and alternate versions and what-not.

Been there, done that.

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