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Trainspotting 2 buzz is really starting to kick in. been seeing stub articles about it here and there, and even a 5 second sneak peek trailer or something.

i'm pretty anxious about this. not to say a bit scared. i know how dumb this may sound, but this truly is one movie that i don't want to be wrecked in the name of money or old people riding the nostalgia train. it's even being dubbed T2, which only triggers associations to the horrendously butchered, pimped and sodomized Terminator name.

i'm really hoping it will actually have something interesting to say, like the original one did, rather than just being an assortment of winks and homages to 'lol good times' from the first movie. so far, based on the trailers i'd seen, it's leaning towards the latter, unfortunately. one trailer features the same shot of the four boys after they get off the train, standing on the platform in the windy scottish landscape, and another promo shot i just saw is spud and renton running in the street, just like in the iconic opening sequence. i mean, is it too much to ask of this movie not to become self aware, and start tooting its own horn? it would be just awful. this isn't just some action movie, it's an actual piece of art that means something to me.

i wanna say if all of them are on board, that probably means there's something good there, but in showbiz as ppl get older they are far more likely to compromise their integrity for the sake of meeting their old pals and relishing in that familiar success once again. let's just hope that's not the case here. ok off to watch the new Michael Bay TMNT, later guys.

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