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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
School is great. I should end up with 3 As this semester. Already have one officially in. I'm getting perfect grades on my essays after getting a lot of low As and high Bs on the first five or six. Almost done with my research paper (tentative title: Wikipedia: Beyond Accuracy). Only had one test in my second math class (took two this semester) and got 100%.
That's great Two math classes at once? That's incredible... I would purposefully space mine out because I hate math so much.

Looking towards the summer now, where I'll be full time @ 9 credits. Another math, English 2 and Computer Literacy.
Looks like you're moving right along. This year seems to be going by fast. I can't say I enjoyed comp lit, but Eng II is fun.

Really doing well with work-school-therapy balance. Really hitting some heavy stuff now in therapy.

How are things for you? How's your daughter? Job?
Glad to hear it! Things are just.... well, alright. Go to work, come home, wash, rinse, repeat etc. I'd like a little vacation.

She's doing really good! Dealing with a neighborhood bully, but we're getting through that. She's about to go see her gramma in South Dakota over spring break and I'll be here having some quiet time.

I'm SO happy for you!

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