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Great, great show. However, my seat wasn't as great as I initially anticipated. Lots of jabber jaws. So much so that I'm nervous to listen to the recording. Hoping that the louder songs don't suffer as much. There were also people showing up late 4-5 songs in not knowing where to sit. This caused an usher to go around shinning a flashlight into peoples' faces asking to see their ticket to make sure they were in the correct seat. I knew I was so I passed over my ticket without engaging the usher in conversation. What a joy of an experience though.

Highlights for me were of course James receiving a standing ovation. As everyone already knows he played the SD suite and a new song or two later on. Whir and so many so many other songs were stellar. I purposefully avoided listening to audio, watching video and checking out setlists lists prior to this show because I didn't want to know what was going to happen next. I was pretty successful in that exercise and despite all of the people who spend good money on a ticket only to talk throughout the show instead of taking in the music it was an excellent time. I won't be able to give the recording a serious listen until Tuesday after work. Who knows if it will be worth uploading to LMA. If it's not posted there I will make sure that a link is posted here so those who want it can have it. That could be some time from now like the June '15 show. The quiet songs have very low levels while the louder songs peak around -11dB to -8dB. There will need to be tweaking in post which beyond raising over all gain levels is not my forte. That task will be given to a trusted friend.

Also, apologies for the Silverfuck tease. The show started early...BC came on at 8:25. Hometown show so perhaps I was hoping for an out there encore after realizing James was in the fold. Still, a very good show and I'm glad I went.

More later on which other shows we make it to. I don't have enough money to pay off cops but I do have enough for a road trip.

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