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Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
because people have this terrible mentality that if something challenges them it must be that people are pretending to like it as demonstrated here
I never said shit about you pretending to like the music. I'm sure you enjoy it

I just think your entire elitist attitude is incredibly narrow and short-sighted and willfully ignorant and reeks of hypocrisy

You're sitting here championing subversiveness and pushing boundaries while shitting on the likes of KJ and Ministry, where you had Al Jourgensen
combining elements of synthpop, funk, EBM to create a new sound, and somehow that's different, because what, you can dance to it? Because accessible, charged music is inherently dumb?

Just because something is challenging or not doesn't inherently make it good or bad. Eye of the beholder.

Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire's music just doesn't speak to me. I grew up with Wax Trax acts, and in time I explored the artists who influenced them, and I just found some of them weren't for me. I prefer the likes of Kraftwerk if I've gotta go back to something older.

I also happen to enjoy KJ because of their aggressive, spiritual, tribal and politically-charged themes as much as I do their musical qualities. The band came along at a time in my life where I was questioning a lot of things about myself, caused me to take a good long look at my hobbies and tendencies, and are one of the major factors I decided to take up playing music, to try and get in touch with a part of myself I never really dared to look into, which isn't bad for "music for jocks in different uniforms" etc

Realizing you have a problem is one step, doing something about it is the next

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