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Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
not a single sentence in your post would suggest that the boy exploding is not a boy. Benefit of the doubt and all, but you know. Keep exploding.
What is not grown up about having values and opinions? Unless you are referring to the anger. Or maybe you think i'm being judgemental. Well all i can say is from what i know people who have known courtney love don't tend to see her as a wonderful human being so i think my judgement of her based on what i know is probably close enough to the truth. And honestly the older i get the angrier i get. Might be bitterness. But when i see people like Courtney love succeed, it's hard not to be bitter. Of course it could be said she hasn't succeeded that well what with all the drug addiction problems but anyway, that video of her showing her tits and being like oh my god i'm so awesome cause like check out my tits just sent me a little over the edge.

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