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it's not fine to say shit like that though
at what point can you not say you're hiding behind jokes and trolling
like i know the board you left, i was there and all
but like at what age, in what year do we just not say shit about how people should kill themselves and women have diseased cunts and laugh about it
you can judge anyone negatively however you like the majority of the people here will then judge you for how and what you said
i like courtney love but i don't have a personal stake in her or anything (if i did have a personal stake in her i guess i'd have to kill myself) but people are gonna be grossed out and annoyed when you say stuff like that
don't worry about it though
i mean futureboy and occasionally esty will be around to hate on the netphorian pc brigade and i'm sure at some point a guy like banana will be unbanned
you haven't met him at this point but he will certainly speak up for anyone's right to say people should kill themselves after fucking a woman with a diseased cunt