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Originally Posted by MyKeyZ View Post
Reading thru the Mellon Collie sessions, Billy mentions how the album was going to be 31 tracks instead of the 28 tracks on the official release. I'm wondering what those 3 other tracks were. Guessing "Infinite Sadness" since it was on the vinyl and I believe he mentioned "Tonite Reprise" during this moment. If those are indeed 2 of the 3 tracks, I wonder what the third track was? "Medellia Of The Gray Skies" perhaps? Since Billy mentioned it was intended to follow "Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans."
I believe Ugly, Tonite Reprise and a third one... My bet for the third one is on Cherry, God or Set The Ray-- one of the b-sides that Flood &B Alan co-produced.

I doubt it was Infinite Sadness, as that was literally a Siamese outtake that the engineers specifically identified as a future b-side.

Medellia was recorded after MC was completed, so I don't think that was it. SP seemed to have a history of going back in a studio and cutting (or re-cutting) additional songs right after they completed an album proper, songs that probably fell to the way side after a big push to finish the record. Medellia seemed to be one of those tracks. Also Corgan tells an interesting story in the Aeroplane reissue box (which I was meaning to transcribe and 1include it in the Recording Sessions) in which he devised a challenge to release 28 b-sides to match 28 album tracks. So all of 1996 was spent tracking down any unfinished MC-era song-scrap and finishing it for a b-side purpose, and again, Medellia was just one of those.

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