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Originally posted by Corganist

There is no good reason to try and get away from a police dog once it has a hold of you.
right... other than the fact that a big police dog has a hold on you, which might be a little scary, and in that state, a person might not be thinking, "you know this dog is highly trained, i should just lie here, so that nothing bad happens to me". was the girl resisting arrest? you don't know that and neither do i. what we do know is that it would be a rational response to try and protect yourself from a dog, if that is what happened. i would think that an officer, trained to handle a dog, would recognize the difference between fear and malice, and act accordingly. officers have to act with discretion, even if they are in harms way. if they are incapable of doing that, or if that make decision not to dol that, then they are bad at their jobs, and should seek out another means of employment.

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