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are you kidding brendan? 12 was kindof innovative but so so goddamn bland and dull. how can you say you preferred the totally drab, vacuous and one-flavour ivalice when up until FFX all the games had beautifully rendered and extremely imaginative painted backdrops? plus, the worst offenders location-wise were the dungeons: from the miriam shrine, the tomb of the king, the caves; all just vast, mammoth-scale symmetrical emptiness with no kind of structural significance or points of interest. so so fucking boring and unimaginative.

and the puzzles were shit too. clue: "touch the three stones to open the door". "you have solved the puzzle."

12's character design was awesome as usual but the thing that really sucked about this game is that i didn't feel convinced by the party as a team, they had little sense of camaraderie as the characters in 6-10 did. yeah ashe and fran are insanely fucking hot and balthier is a badass james bond type but Basch is the most boring sandal-wearing fucker in any FF to date and vaan/penelo are totally annoying token kiddy types. they only created vaan for the sake of cashing in on Tidus's unwarranted boyband popularity with the teenybopper girl gamers. and the plot was fucking atrocious, terrible supporting characters and villains. the judges were seriously overhyped, they looked scary as fuck but were really a bunch of pansies with little significance to the plot, such poor character development there. plus, who wants to save some boring-ass city in the desert when i could play 6,7,8,9 and save the whole goddamn universe from villains and disasters that actually live up to the hype?

only cool things about 12: the mark-hunting sidequest and the mist chain thing where you could link your limit breaks together; although, everybody becomes utterly dependent on these to beat the bosses so they become about as essential the GF summons were in 8. they're the only thing that does any real damage, and the damage it DOES do almost always kills the bosses immediately, so there was no real point engaging with them in the first place.

horrendous game and a waste of good ashe booty

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