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Originally Posted by Disco King View Post
Firms and households do well by keeping revenues high and expenditures low.

We have a word for when the government does this: recession.

That's why the government shouldn't be run like a business.

Our government is run by a dozen private banks owned by 8 mostly european families that pay no tax on the Trillions they get from interest on the debt that enslaves us. The I.R.S. is a collection arm of the Fed banking system so neither are an agency of our government, yet they are the ones that control recessions.

The Federal Reserve is not Federal nor does it have any Reserves, its main asset are the Bonds received from the US Government. This gives the U.S. gov the power to spend the money created from the monetization of the credit of each American. This money from thin air is used as collateral and then brought into circulation.

That is whom and what Trump is up against and that fact he's this far is something of a miracle. There's also 90% of the major media being owned by 6 corporations with interlocking directorships and whom are all globalist freaks like the Fed families.

You Socialist Utopians could have the better world you seek, but you gotta extract the very thing trying to bring down Trump described above and which pretty much owns most of D.C.

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