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Originally Posted by Funbags View Post
They need to let Jimmy dictate the tempo as he feels fit. Playing songs at album tempo kills the classic vibe the og members have imho.
He’s the one that wanted to tame the faster tempos. He didn’t like the cluttered/anxious vibe of the faster tempos, or something like that. Don’t know the exact quote.

This whole argument just adds fuel to the “living in the past” fire, which is a tired trope that fans DO have a part at instigating. There’s nothing wrong with them playing these songs at album tempo, and there are a lot of reasons why it makes sense that they would do this.

And no, I’m not watching all of these vids. I’m being selective, I could give a flying fuck about ever hearing 1979, BWBW, tonight, etc etc ever again. But imo they are sounding great on TAFH, siva, superchrist, Etc..

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