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Originally Posted by teh b0lly!!1 View Post
the whole juvenile obsession with serial killers has maxed itself out sometime in the late 90's but i guess i'll try Mindhunter just cause i don't have anything better to watch
I watched the first episode and wasn't impressed, but I've heard the first episode is not as good as the rest of it. IDK, I agree that most serial killer obsession shows are bad, but there are interesting things about serial killers that still interest me. For example this university list ( of serial killers and the timelines of their killings plus info about each killer that are scientifically correlated or just thought to possibly be correlated with serial killing, such as birth order, triad behavior (fire-starting/bed-wetting/torturing animals), first sexual experience, if they served in the armed forces, if they had XYY genomes, age at first kill, and traumatic event history. also records idiosyncratic information like if they mutilated or posed bodies, had overkill, if and how they tried to hide their crimes, etc

i like the data richness aspect even though the kind of shock and awe of what serial killers are capable of is not so interesting to me anymore.

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