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Also, teenage boys are the worst. I wonder how I'd properly raise one if I had a son. Good luck, vixnix. Although teenage girls are no walk in the park, either. Mine already has like triple (or more) spunk (ATTITUDE) than me. I'm screwed. She was such a wonderful sleeper, but now almost every night she manages to have energy to throw a 3 HOUR tantrum begging to come out of the crib, but obviously I just have to endure it because she's not allowed to roam the rooms at midnight. Who has stamina for anything for 3 hours??? Especially a full on tantrum? Help. Sick. Tired.

But then she smiles and runs down the hills outside right into my arms, and brings me books to read, and grabs my hand to walk up steps, and laughs when we play hide and seek and I can somehow endure it. Seeing her get so big makes me want a second one but I think I have PTSD from the complete sleepless torture of the first 11 weeks of her life. Plus you can't make a baby by yourself.

This post brought to you by eating Nutella straight from a spoon.

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