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Default Re: schtick this in your pipe and smoke it.

Originally posted by Smiley33

So you tell me- what the hell did you see in me last week worth making a thread about that you don't see this week?

The picture in the photo album makes you look anorexic.

If you read my post on here you'll see that I did not say you were not pretty or attractive. I simply find it hard to believe that you could be winning because Blue Star and Snickety Star are extremely attractive and your just cute.

I was wondering what the reasons are for people thinking you are attractive because after seeing that pic I was begining to wonder why thought you were so hot in the first place.

As for the Candaian girls post, you rank in the 99th percentile of Canadian girls I've seen. And at the top of NP girls. But I've seen Blue Star in four or pics on here and she's gorgeous in all of them. And I don't see how people could pic you over her.