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Well..............i might have kept some information from them. Like erm....... that i do in fact have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. If they'd known that they wouldn't have allowed me to do it because these type of drugs will go and tickle your nervous system.

So really...its kinda my fault. i took it cause i thought marijuana whats the worst that can happen. And its not like those side effects weren't all listed (after all dronabinol has been on the market for over a decade), but the incidence was low, like 10% or under. So i didn't think i'd get them. Some of the people there said they had a fun high. I happen to not have had one. Some even said they got nothing....(not supposed to be any placebos but i dont know)

But you know...a panic attack in itself is benign. Just....when its happening though you just think you're dying. But its not gonna have any lasting effect on me.

But honestly as i mentioned 15 years only once something similar, an anti depressant, never done any of those since. Now i know not to do stuff like that either. If its gonna touch the brain, i shouldnt be doing them. Though i have done for epilepsy and those are fine.

99.5% of the time you don't get anything at all. Oh at worst a slight headache, maybe a bit of nausea. And gone in a few hours. This was a real shit pay too. 765$, i usually don't do anything under 1200. It's the small ones you have to worry about. The antidepressant was 650, smallest i ever did, one of the worst. This is also one of the smallest i've done.

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