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Originally Posted by Trotskilicious View Post
or how about the ones from high school where "my friend was going to get into MIT but some black person who got a c average made it in because affirmative action"

the stuff about using food stamps at fast food is particularly bewildering because it's not accepted there. I think i would know if it was.

maybe it varies from state to state but food stamps in texas don't allow for that, or buying alcohol or tobaccy

also it's impossible to get them unless you are completely destitute
I deal regularly with the regulations for WIC and SNAP programs in 5 states. Whenever I hear people saying stupid shit like people using their SNAP cards for beer or junk food or cigs it really pisses me off. they can't. It simply doesn't happen.

Regulations in all states on what is allowable for purchase under SNAP and WIC are strict. Chain stores also enforce the regulation at their headquarters, which means that people like me flag the specific UPCs in the system that people are allowed to buy with their cards. When all is said and done it's only a fraction of what's available in a store and it doesn't allow any of the stupid shit that people bitch about the poors buying.

Under WIC for instance you can't buy most of the kids cereals in the store. If you want a can of tuna it has to be ONLY the cheapest 5oz can. it's only basic food items in it doesn't allow much of anything else. On top of that it's not much money. I'm amazed people can even feed their kids on it.

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