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Originally Posted by seahorserodeo78 View Post
I think everyone understands the sarcastic nature of most of the members here and that they would rather make fun of the music and band that this forum is about than speak positive about it. However I do believe it also confuses a lot of people as to why one would want to waste there time on a msg board for a band they clearly no longer have any interest in. It seems a bit silly to some people. I mean I could name 1000s of bands I hate or no longer enjoy, but I would never waste a second of time on a msg board for those bands making fun of them. I would rather go to a msg board of a band I like and talk about their music. To each their own.
even lamer you'e wasting a second of your time bitching at people that don't suck on the same cottage cheese pale white hairy ass that belongs to some 50 year old has been that you enjoy sucking on.

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