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Originally Posted by Bread Regal View Post
and the thing that drives me really crazy is that SNAP is probably the biggest subsidy you could possibly give to the agriculture industry and the GOP would prefer to mainline the money directly to them instead of feeding the hungry in the process. they are just driven by spite and seem to have forgotten the guillotine.
I like to remind my fellow employees that without SNAP our jobs probably wouldn't exist whenever they complain about food stamps.

I had a big argument/debate with my last supervisor about the Real Food thing. Yes, they should only be used for Real Food, however it is impossible to account for the myriad of possible exceptions, not to mention the arbitrary nature of some Real Food vs Junk Food (for example, fruit juice is not much healthier than soda).

The best one is when someone buys beer with cash and food with SNAP and people are like "they shouldn't do that!" and it's like, well yes in a perfect world, but in our world people do things because they are stressed or addicted to something and who are you to take away their recreation just because you don't agree with it, when you'd probably be fine with them going to the movies or something else like that that isn't a "vice" even though it's really the same damn thing.

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