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Originally Posted by Order 66 View Post
i lived with a girl who used to put all her used tampons in a plastic baggie and just throw it in the corner
my six female roommates - it was a house with nine student rooms - would put their tampons in the small toilet bin until it was too full, and wouldn't even close anymore. and then, instead of emptying the tiny toilet bin, they would start using the other toilet next to it.
they always used the toilet on the left, as a habit, i guess, unless the bin there was full, then they would all move to the one on the right. until the bin was emptied by someone else. what the fuck?

not doing the washing up, never cleaning up after yourself, clogging up the shower drain with shitloads of long hair, it was of course all there. it's not really weird. just annoying.

one guy would fry some eggs basically every day. i guess it was a cheap way to eat. cheaper than buying meat. unfortunately, he wasn't a very good cook, and wouldn't learn from his mistakes: he always put the fire way too high, which would create a lot of smoke while frying, and it always set off the fire alarm. every single time. for fuck's sake. i don't know how he did it. i never set off the fire alarm while cooking. and everyone was chain smoking in that kitchen, and even that didn't trigger the fire alarm.

we also had an elephant feet. she had a room on the third floor. when she came downstairs, she went stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp-short silence (a jump, in order to skip the last couple of stairs)-BAM!!!-stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp-stomp-short silence-BAM-stomp-stomp-stomp-and so on, six flights of stairs. brutal. woke me up every fucking day.

one person was the worst at washing up and would pile up all her dishes for weeks, until there was nothing left for anyone else to use. when she finally was pushed enough to do the washing up, she'd fill the sink, put everything in there to soak (absolutely necessary at that point), and then just left it. never came back to it. thanks a lot, lazy bitch, thanks for all your effort: moving your pile into a sink filled with water. wow! impressive. on the one occasion she couldn't find a clean fork herself, all hell broke loose, of course. she didn't realise that's the situation she put everyone else in all the time.

i never had any roommates after i graduated. i did consider it twice, but decided against it. and those were people i knew well, not even strangers. i just didn't want to risk that kind of situations again.

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