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Originally Posted by Aeris Hilton View Post
I don't get how you accumulate that many pee bottles
Like if this guy was leaving his room to hit the bathroom when he had to #2 why not just take your backlog of bottles with you and empty them out then
I sympathize completely with that kind of extreme agoraphobia but there has to be a little common sense
that's what I thought too. there were days and hours I'd be gone from home and it never once hit him to do a clean out without the shame. now I am forever disgusted by him. I actually flew to Portland to assault him and plan to keep making his life hell for as long as I can. he was a cokehead alcoholic scumbag dad too. always smelled like piss. always asked to borrow money. always asked for leeway on paying rent. like I was his fucking dad. fucking pathetic fuck scum just talking about him makes me angry.

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