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1) Every time I use the shower after him, the shower head is pointing straight down, parallel to the wall. In order to get under the shower head, one would literally have to squat down and press one's body against the wall.

2) One morning, I went downstairs at 6AM to find my roommate sitting upright, cross-legged on the couch, in the dark. At this point, I turned on the lights, and he WOKE UP, and I said "what the hell are you doing?" And he says" I must have dozed off".

Do you guys have any weird roommates?
When I first moved to Ca I sublet a room in a house with a couple of guys. One was Canadian, who drank all of the time and ate sausages from his George foreman grill, and the other was from India, and he would get high and sing songs in Hindi. They were both computer programmers, really nice but very strange. I don't think the Canadian guy ever ate anything else but sausages and beer. On one Halloween night, I came home from work and they were both tripping on something and had painted each others faces up.

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