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Originally Posted by Ram27 View Post
you're a bad comic foil


I like this thread. Love this sort of sad maladaptive daydreaming

I mean....kinda mostly the same? I know they were talking about going back to more simple acoustic stuff after the tour anyway - they said it got so big, what more can you do?

I think the tour would've continued, we'd get some more great proshot footage, band would be playing stuff even faster, silverfuck would get longer, they'd do the nights at MSG and finish the tour and take a break for a while

essentially the same but less sad. corgan's mom still would've died, adore would be relatively similar but maybe with more tasteful percussion

arising tour would've been more local, and less exciting, just them trying out stuff live around chicago/milwaukee. d'arcy probably would've quit still, and the rest of machina/breakup plays out the same
I feel like D’Arcy wouldn’t have gone off the rails like she did. The OD seemed to really trigger her. She was fond of Melvoin and it really seemed to start her downward spiral.

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