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look dude, racism is a thing because people create these conceptions of "race" and then order society & means of production around them. its an ism, a system of exploitation. i'm sure someone explained this to you by now and you never listened.

what steve king is talking about "restoring civilization" (to what? when?) and you talking specifically about how he's defending "my race" i don't even know what that is. I'm an irish guy, to me white oppression drove my four bears from their land from time immemorial to this land where my more recent four bears were baptised as "white" because this country is primarily about dividing society based on race it does, constantly, all the time, forever and ever. ok? fuck white people. what is white anyway? there's urbane hipsters and drooling suburban lowlifes. There's bearded curmudgeons and clean shaven walking golf shirts. when i hear someone talk about "white pride" and "defending my race" i only think of the worst

i'm confident i know and celebrate far more about western/white civiliazation & culture than steve king has even conceptualized. i don't need to play for team whitey when someone goes "this country/society is racist af" i just say "damn sure is"

i'm also sick of all these motherfucking fascists in my motherfucking government

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