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Originally Posted by Rider View Post

I'm bored so I figured I'd post my bootlist it's still a work in progress have about another 200-300 shows to add to it.

Do you still have those tracks from the Spun soundtrack in FLAC?

Zwan - Spun Sound Track
Performer/Composer 	Zwan
Format 	FLAC
Artist for Bootleg List 	Zwan
Index 	2236
Flawless Copy 	No
Filing Category 	dvd 013
Track List
Spars 	????
Bootleg 	No
Lineage 	CDA > WAV > FLAC
Sound 	Stereo
SPUN Movie Soundtrack Promo

Source : Promo Soundtrack CD of "SPUN" Movie
Lineage: CDA > WAV > FLAC
Used software : CDex Ver1.51
!!!!! DO NOT SELL !!!!!
I ripped off 3 songs from the original CD.

01. Freedom Ain't What It Used To Be (Inst) (Djali Zwan)
02. Love To Love (Djali Zwan - UFO Cover)
03. Always (Djali Zwan - Patsy Cline Cover)
* Noises were came from original CD.

Original CD's Track list:

01. The Number Of The Beast (Djali Zwan)
02. Freedom Ain't What It Used To Be (Djali Zwan)
03. Dr.Feelgood (Motley Crue)
04. Spun (Blonde from Fargo)
05. Destroyer Of Worlds (Bathory)
06. Junkie (Ozzy Osbourne)
07. Magnification (Yes)
08. Drive (Halford)
09. Circles (Peter Stomare)
10. Nobody's Fault (Phantom Planet)
11. Love To Love (Djali Zwan - UFO Cover)
12. Always (Djali Zwan - Patsy Cline Cover)
13. Instant Repeater '99 (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
I don't think these circulate in FLAC at the moment, so it would be great if you would share.

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