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Originally Posted by Cool As Ice Cream View Post
comparing more fingerprints that were posted in this thread...

sequence IV: the shn set doesn't match the flac set, except for track 15.
i've also got that flac set, and the info file mentions that track 15 is missing, even though it is actually there. so clearly someone must've completed the flac set with a re-encoded track 15 from the shn set. (the fingerprints prove this.)
we should check if the flac set is the same as the shn set (if, for example, someone has burned the first 14 tracks on a cd-r and then ripped it to flac), or if it's a different source, maybe less processed.

mashed potatoes: matches, except for:
- d1 t01 happy fucking valentines
- d1 t08 bob speaks
- d2 t08 let's meet the band
- d3 t01 and from the west side...
- d3 t15 kill your parents
well, that's annoying. i'll look into this.
someone also added a d1 t15 sookie sookie [steppenwolf] (live 90) (fixed).shn to the shn set. not sure what has been fixed. maybe a glitch or something?

mcis demos II: no match.

machina acoustic demos: no match, except for track 4. weird.
Don't look too deeply into the mismatches at the moment. The Mashed Potatoes SHNs came with fingerprints and MD5s. The MD5s match but the fingerprints don't. Running the Linux version of SHNtool indicates that it doesn't like these particular SHN files for whatever reason.

So the conclusion at the moment is that something is going wrong with SHN -> FLAC conversion on some of the files on Linux. I will look into this.

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