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Default reasoning behind shitty tracklisting for Machina (1) ?

okay, here's my theory:

Adore got really good reviews, but didn't sell that well. (well, it did - but it didn't match the sales of mellon collie, so it was deemed a failure by Virgin)

Billy really defended Adore, saying its a record that grows on you, you have to take your time with it. I really think Adore is one of the most emotionally charged SP albums. Someone in another thread said that if it was re-recorded with Jimmy, it wouldn't be the same at all - because Billy was dealing with the loss of his mother, his wife, and his friend Jimmy. I think its where he was in life that made him make Adore, maybe they thought it would be the last one they recorded, etc.

In alot of Machina interviews Billy still talks about Adore as being the right thing to do at that time.

This is what i think:

If the band would have put Cash Car Star and all the other Machina 2 songs on Machina 1, it would be Billy admitting Adore was a failure. "well, you guys hated the last one, so here's old SP rawk!"

I think he had to put on songs that were a step up from adore, with more guitars and Jimmy's drumming, *then* put out machina 2.

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