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Originally Posted by Corgan's Bluff View Post
Alternative Nation's Buttcannon has made three articles now of my translation:

Eric Erlandson - From grunge guitarist to Buddhist monk 2018/01/08

In the 90s, the band Hole was one of the pioneers of grunge and their guitarist was Eric Erlandson. When the band broke up, Erlandson left the music world - and became a monk. Shortly before his 55th birthday, he speaks in the “Deutschlandfunk” about his "Letters To Kurt", self-destruction and spiritual lifeline.
Eric Erlandson in a corso with Marcel Anders

Dude, it’s not his fault, blame Zuckerburg and Google. If you’re not ripping off the hard work of others, copy/pasting their original research to your piece of shit pariahsite, there’s literally no chance the Twitter algorithymicals will allow your site to even get past Snapchat or Instagrammed

It’s just how the internet WORKS now, sadly

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