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Originally Posted by Run To Me View Post
I feel it too, this despair of the news

Lately I’m sticking to AP and Reuters for pure, raw facts, and avoiding any “analysis” pieces in the nature of “what happens next?” “Here’s why X means Y” “Z just happened here’s why you should care” etc.
Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
oh yea, Reuters was what came after my no-news-whatsoever phase. 2 lines, no bullshit, no filler, bam done over with.

But I started to miss culture and arts articles.

"what happens next" is just a fucking waste of time, isn't it. As if what already happened isn't enouh, yes please, I also want to think about what comes next and then find out the next day or week what did happen. I don't have the energy for that, I wonder who has, really.
I am the same. I look for articles that give lots of verified facts with minimal narrative frame. I basically got my education in critical analysis as did most of you guys I guess (this is what most liberal arts degrees really are, right?) so I feel for the most part I don't need worthless pundits suggesting different interpretations of facts to me. I can draw my own conclusions and interpret relationships between abstract information without tons of loaded words and emotionally charged phraseology.

As for what happens next– I've given up on that kind of analysis too, but I also understand the obsession. I almost majored in polisci, and I eventually came to understand it is an entire discipline which goes to extreme lengths to try and come up with predictive/prescriptive models based on what has happened in the past, and the big takeaway is that it absolutely never works

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