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congrats. i am used to being a perfect student myself and am worried about bursting my bubble next semester but i'd rather take hard courses and get a B or 2 than play it safe. at this point I could take almost any upper divisions i want, even a few lower divisions. i only have 1 more required class. but im getting this certificate thing and that's 12 more credits, plus my thesis is 3. so then i'd have 9 credits to do whatever i want but i'm taking an honors critical questions class and personality testing and measurement. so i'll end up with one class to take whatever i want in my last semester and i'm going to try to do african american history.

so my final classes will be

psychology and the law
honors critical questions crime and violent
personality testing and measurement

research methods
hopefully some kind of internship/part time job in the field

interpersonal communication skills (education class required for my certificate in applied mental health services)
lifespan development (ditto)
honors thesis
african american history

and then i'll have 121 credits and be done. i think the only big danger to my GPA is neuropsychology. but god forbid I got a B, I'd still end up with something like a 3.991 lol. I think I could live with that. if I get 2 Bs or 1 C I'd have a 3.983. i think that's realistically the lowest i will end up with, assuming i don't have some kind of episode and destroy my life

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