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Yesterday at the gym, this huge gym-bro asked me how many sets I had left on the bench. I told him I was just starting, but welcomed him to work in with me. He asked if I'd be up to lifting the weight he'd be doing, and I was like "haha, no, that's too much for me, but I'll gladly help change the plates between our sets." The guy mentioned he had been lifting for about a decade, and was very encouraging, telling me I'd make progress.

Later on I was doing my deadlifts, and the guy was actually surprised by how much I was deadlifting, saying that it was more than he deadlifts. I was surprised, 'cause this guy was a mountain. He tried to lift the barbell, and couldn't do a rep. He was asking me if I had ever thought about powerlifting, because apparently I'm getting into that territory. The benefits of having been on a programme that cursed me with a T-rex body, I guess (I'm now doing a programme with more upper-body volume).

However, despite having had done two sets of four, I failed my two sets after that, barely pounding out two for each. Kinda made me feel like a fraud. Thing is, it was my grip strength that gave out, rather than my legs or back. I'll have to work on that if I want to increase my deadlift.

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