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Originally Posted by ovary View Post
that’s what someone with a broke dick would say. you, son, will never rise.

the fountainhead is great, superb, sublime

the point of faulkner isnt to be enjoyable, its to make you be like “oh fuck, America!” you should slog through absalom absalom or go down moses until it grabs you by the neck and drags you into the black abyss.

ps fuck ayn rand haters, who are typically either woke posers or havent read ayn rand
Ayn Rand's greatest works are only valuable as literature in that they provide perspective and insight into a very specific time in the world. Beyond that they're sorely lacking any literary value, and they're very poorly written. She's not a great writer. She rightfully earned her fame by saying things women weren't saying, which is great. But otherwise she's just Ann Coulter an era sooner.

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