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I'm really stubborn and I started out with an attitude that I was going to make films the way I and those people I chose to collaborate with want to make them and I've just stuck to that. I'm not seduced by money or the things that Hollywood tries to offer you, and in exchange you have to make the film the way some businessmen tell you to. I just would not be good at that. So I have a system where I try to avoid having American money in my films, because with that comes a lot of strings attached and script meetings and casting consultations. I can't work that way. I don't tell the business people who finance the films how to run their business, so why should they tell me how to make a film?
- Jim Jarmusch

If the allocation of resources were not tied to creative control in such a way that the artist might find their work adapted to meet economic objectives, there would be no need for this sort of mentality.

P.S. I'm sorry for doing this in the comics thread.

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