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Originally Posted by Run To Me View Post
My advice as someone who survived extreme romantic heartbreak on a life-altering scale:

Do something creative with that pain. Write, play guitar, start bands, draw or paint, take snaps, invent new dance moves, etc. The intensity of emotion that u feel will inevitably leak into some of these endeavors in a way that makes your artworks more authentic and affecting. You may even make something magical that will become special/helpful to other ppl

Don’t wait until the pain subsides. Do it now while it reeeeeeeallly hurts, even if all u can do is sob/scream into your phone’s mic. Make something. And then keep making stuff, everyday
While I wish I could create art when I'm sad and do that whole romanticized "tortured artist" thing, the reality for me at least is that I'm not productive at all when I'm down. I just can't bring myself to do anything creative when I'm sad. If I try to force myself, I just end up associating whatever negative emotions I'm feeling with what I'm trying to work on, and it just makes me resent what I'm trying to work on and I feel frustrated, and I have to stop.

I can only really create anything when I'm in a good mood. I might use my foul moods for inspiration and write a sad song or something, but I have to be well at the time of actually making the thing.

Might explain why I never make shit.

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