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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
Zeitgeist at least has a few cool tracks... Better effort than most of the reunion crud.
I relistened to all the SP2 albums recently (for some reason) and changed my ordering of the albums. Zeitgeist is definitely the strongest SP2 release. If you fixed the production/mixing, and included the full tracklisting, it would be a fairly strong album in some ways.

I definitely felt it was worse than it was because it was disappointing after waiting years for the band to get back together and then it was followed by JC leaving and then TGBK, which just ruined the band for me for a long time. I previously thought Oceania was better than it actually is as well, I think because getting Oceania after 2009-2011 was like getting a drink of water after wandering in the desert for years

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