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Originally Posted by LoveIsSuicide42 View Post
I am shocked at some of the positive sentiment in this thread. Teargarden is such a jumbled, cheap sounding, poorly conceived mess. You know that trope that shows up in a lot of comedy movies and tv shows where there's a deadbeat character who is kind of just a failed creative, and there's like a story arc where they have some pretentious, overly ambitious, ham fisted and embarassingly bad unfinished project that they have to show to the "well adjusted" characters, and they like perform it on the couch while wearing a bathrobe using a cheap ass casio keyboard and its just like horrendous in every way possible almost but there's this *tiny* hint of a spark layered way deep at the core of the project that makes you kinda feel bad for the character? Teargarden sounds like Billy playing that character.
Hahaha this is gold and so so true. It's funny that time seems to be softening the attitude on Teargarden. Same thing happened with Adore, Machina Zwan ETC. I never see this sensation happen with other groups, I wonder what it is with the SP fan-base.

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