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40oz: lo-fi production aesthetic
SD: a level of studio OCD rivaled only by Steely Dan

40oz: punk, hip hop, reggae
SD: there has never been a less hip hop, punk, or reggae album in the history of the world

40oz: notable samples- bong rips and porno
SD: notable samples- an orchestra and a sitar

40oz: three people playing their instruments
SD: Billy playing the parts of three people

40oz: serious west coast party vibe
SD: serious midwest depression vibe

40oz: cool without even trying
SD: the lead single is literally about being uncool

40oz: songs about drugs and sex and having a jolly good time
SD: songs about infidelity, child abuse, and wanting to kill yourself

40oz: indie label debut
SD: major label breakthrough

Yeah. I see what you mean man.

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